Boonton - 4500B Peak Power Meter

4500B Peak Power Meter

Quick Specifications

Sensor Inputs
RF channels 1 or 2
RF frequency range 1 MHz to 40 GHz*
Peak power range -50 to +20 dBm*
Modulated power range -60 to +40 dBm
Acquisition and Measurement System
Time resolution 0.1 ns
A/D Converter 14 bit
DSP 32 bit floating point
Ext Trig range, impedance +/-5V or +/-50V, 1M or 50 ohms
Min trig pulse width 6 ns
Max trig rate 50 MHz
Calibrator Source
Internal Calibrator 1.024 GHz, CW/Pulse -50 to +20 dBm
* Sensor Dependent, Calibrator Dependent
Pulse Mode Operation (Automatic)
Pulse width Pulse rise-time
Pulse fall-time Pulse period
Pulse repetition frequency Pulse duty cycle
Pulse off-time Peak power
Pulse on power Pulse overshoot (dB or %)
Waveform Average power Top level power (IEEE spec)
Bottom level power (IEEE spec) Edge delay
Edge skew (2 channel instruments only)
Marker Measurements
Markers (vertical cursors)
Settable in time relative to the trigger position
Markers independently
Average, minimum, peak power at a single time offset
Pair of Markers
Average, minimum, peak power over the interval between markers, power ratio between markers