Boonton - General, Repairs & Calibration

General Service Information

Boonton Electronics backs all of its products with a full range of test, repair, upgrade and calibration services, assuring that all your instrumentation remains accurate, reliable and conforms to original factory specifications. Services include:

  • Certified Repairs (NIST Traceable)
  • Calibration
  • Automatic Instrument/Software Upgrades (for most instruments)
  • 10-Day Turnaround
  • Priority Service
  • Flexible Service, Repair and Calibration Contracts

Certificates and Production Test Data

All Boonton instruments are supplied with calibration labels, a certificate of conformance, and a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

Instrument Warranty

Boonton products are covered by a standard one-year warranty. Extended warranties are available for 3 or 5 years.

For US Government Customers

CAGE: 04901

Certified Repairs

  • All Repairs are certified and traceable to NIST, and include calibration
  • Repair Warranty (6 Months, Materials and Labor)
  • Isolation and removal of faults
  • Automatic Instrument/Software Upgrades
  • 10-Day Turnaround


  • Calibrations are in accordance with ANSI Z-540 (Mil spec 45662A)
  • NIST traceable certificate of calibration for traceable products
  • Calibration sticker with validity date
  • 10-Day Turnaround
  • Priority Service