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See More 55 Series USB Peak Power Sensor featuring Real-Time Power Processing™

Broadcasted 4/23/2013

This video demonstrates two of the key benefits of the Boonton 55 Series wideband USB peak power sensor which help to make it the clear choice when speed and accuracy are paramount.  The 55 Series has many class-leading features including Real Time Power Processing™ technology, widest video bandwidth and risetime (70+ MHz and <5ns), fastest sample rates (100 MSa/sec continuous and 10 GSa/sec effective) and best time resolution (100 picoseconds).

The first portion of the video shows superior performance of Boonton's Real Time Power Processing™ technology for reliably capturing dynamic waveforms.  The test signal is a 10us, 1kHz pulse waveform with an intermittent dropout occurring at 20Hz (once every 50 pulses).  The conventional sensor only occasionally captures the dropout due to lengthy processing gaps when acquisition is halted.  The Boonton 55 Series with Real Time Power Processing™ acquires the signal continuously with no gaps, and re-arms immediately.  Therefore, it triggers on every pulse, and reliably captures the dropout every time it occurs.

The second video sequence zooms in on the rising edge of the pulse, and highlights the clear differences in risetime, edge fidelity and trigger stability between a conventional power sensor and the 55 Series.  The 12.5ns time resolution of the conventional sensor is clearly inadequate for accurately reconstructing and analyzing a fast edge transition – trigger jitter causes considerable instability in the transition region.  With its 10 GSa/sec effective sample rate and 100 ps time resolution, the Boonton sensor captures all the nuances of the pulse waveform and edge transition.

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