Boonton - 4500C Software



4500C Software

Installation Notes

Version 2018.06.25 - Released 6/25/2018

Click on the blue Download Now button to download the latest software (ZIP file) for the Boonton 4500C.

4500C Software Updating Procedure

  1. Turn on the instrument.
  2. Extract the files in the archive to the root of a USB Flash Memory Device.
  3. Connect USB drive to front USB connector on instrument.
  4. Allow Windows to install drivers if needed.
  5. From the 4500C main application, select Spcl > Servicing > Update Ver and follow the on-screen instructions. The 4500C program should exit, and the installer should start automatically.
  6. After the update completes, the 4500C program should restart automatically.

Boonton 4500C Peak Power Analyzer Software Release Notes

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