New Webinar - The New 55 series Boonton USB Peak Power Sensor: Never miss a pulse
Boonton's USB Peak Power Sensor offers the capabilities of bench top peak power meters on your laptop or tablet.  In addition to incorporating...

Wireless Telecom Group Introduces the new Boonton 55 Series Wideband USB Power Sensors. Real-Time Power Processing™
Boonton has added a new platform to its industry standard power meter line, the new 55 Series Wideband USB power sensors.  The new line enables...


Boonton's 4540 Peak Power Meter Competitor Comparison
View video of a competitors’s peak power meter vs Boonton’s 4540 Peak Power meter to see the advantages of our waveform fidelity and trigger...

55 Series USB Peak Power Sensor featuring Real-Time Power Processing™
This video demonstrates two of the key benefits of the Boonton 55 Series wideband USB peak power sensor which help to make it the clear choice when...

Boonton 4540 Advance Sampling Techniques
Boonton 4540 power meter utilizes fast sampling technique on measured signal.


Large Manufacturer of Cellular Base Station Radios uses Boonton 4542 Peak Power and CCDF Capability to Improve Amplifier Testing Accuracy and Reduce Cost
Global OEM Manufacturer of Cellular Base Station Radios utilizes the CCDF features of the Boonton 4542 Peak Power meter to improve RF amplifier test...

Manufacturer of TWT Amplifiers
Manufacturer of TWT Amplifiers is using Boonton Electronics 4500B and Amplifier Test Bench Software to verify the calibration and performance of TWT...

Radar Success
Global defense and aerospace company choose Boonton 4542 peak power analyzer for engineering and production. The analyzers are used in a program...


Principles of RF Power Measurement
A primer on RF and Microwave Power measurements

RF Power measurement techniques have evolved considerably since the earliest days of wireless.  "Principles of RF Power Measurements" provides the reader an in depth guide to key methodologies for measuring CW, average and peak RF power signals using thermistor, diode detector, RF receiver-based, direct RF sampling, and monolithic IC techniques. [more...]

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Boonton Principles of Power Measurement 

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