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The Boonton RTP Series Measurement Buffer Mode Application

The Boonton RTP Measurement Buffer Mode Application is a complementary software utility that controls one or multiple Boonton real-time power sensors and analyzes the input signal during user-defined intervals of interest. Discarding all non-relevant information outside the desired interval, the software can process a virtually unlimited number of consecutive packets over long periods of time with essentially no gaps in acquisition or analysis to catch critical waveform phenomena.

What Do You Want to Measure – Peak Power or Average Power?

Peak power and average power measurements are vital in achieving proper performance of advanced communications systems and components. In this video, learn about the nuances regarding peak and average power terminology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of RF power measurements and related metrics.

How Is RF Power Measured?

RF power measurements are a top priority for the design and development of wireless technology. A leader in high-performance RF and microwave test and measurement solutions, Boonton can enable the accuracy of essential power measurements with its product portfolio of peak and average RF power meters, real-time USB power sensors, and connected USB power sensors

The Power of Boonton Real-Time Power Processing

Boonton RTP5000 Series and RTP4000 Series Real-Time USB Power Sensors utilize a unique digital signal processing methodology called Real-Time Power Processing (RTPP). RTPP keeps pace with signal acquisition by performing vital processing steps in parallel, enabling gap-free signal acquisition that virtually guarantees the capture of waveform anomalies.

RF and Microwave Power Measurement Basics

RF and microwave power measurements are crucial in obtaining optimal performance of communications and radar systems. Boonton, a leader in RF and microwave test equipment, provides cutting-edge test solutions, as well as insight into the fundamentals of capturing these essential measurements.

Over the Air Testing 5G and mmWave

Broadcasted 7/24/2018

This demonstration highlights using a Boonton USB RTP5006 sensor and a Noisecom noise source for over the air calibration and power measurement of a device in an RF chamber.

Boonton & Noisecom on Microwave Journal’s Frequency Matters

Frequency Matters IMS2018 Episode, June 14.
Our regional sales manager, Matt Diessner and our VP & General Sales Manager, Walt Strickler, talk to the Microwave Journal Editors, Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude, about utilizing Boonton power sensors and Noisecom noise generators for 5G and A&D applications on the show floor at IMS2018

Wideband Peak Power Sensors (featuring the RTP5000)

Broadcasted 2/16/2017

This video highlights the advantages, ease of use and acquisition speed of the Boonton RTP5000 Real-Time Power Sensor for measuring Crest Factor (Peak/Average) of an OFDM modulated signal. If you are using an RF limiter you can clip the Peak Power causing Bit error rate in your signal. Real-Time Power Processing shortens the time needed for testing.


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