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Introducing the first portable PIM tester, the PIM 21

Posted February 20, 2008

Introducing the new PIM 20 ultra portable Test System PIM 20 for Passive Intermodulation.

While passive RF components like connectors, cables, filters, splitters and antennas are supposed to behave linearly; in practice, mainly through environmental influences, mechanical forces, material choice or oxidation, they can sometimes show quite different characteristics. As a consequence such components generate unwanted Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIM), which again can have serious impact on receivers and may render single channels or even channel ranges useless for the system and can cause unwanted ‘dropped calls’.

Boonton is proud to announce the first truly portable PIM Test System - the PIM 20. The design of this instrument focused to provide a rugged, reliable and handy tool to RF field technicians. "First time users are impressed by the size, portability and the powerful features that the PIM 20 provides", says Wolfgang Damm, Ph.D., Marketing Director of WTG. "Whenever we demonstrate the instrument in the field under real life conditions, customers are astonished how fast we can pinpoint PIM issues at their components or systems". In comparison to other instruments PIM 20 is battery driven and self calibrating. Operation is indeed easy as 123. When connected to the component or system users can read the measurement value (dBc) directly from the display, follow the LED bar that turns red if too high of a PIM value is measured or connect the PIM 20 to a device like a Walkie-Talkie, to listen remotely if PIM values change when altering components (e.g. tap test).

PIM 20 generates two RF signals that can be set between 20 dBm and 33 dBm, thus allowing to measure components close to their predetermined power range without overloading them. The frequencies of the RF tones can be customized. PIM 20 offers a sensitivity range from -80dBc to up to an impressive -155 dBc ( @ 850 MHz). Build for true outdoor applications the PIM 20 enclosure provides IP55 protection (lid closed). Dimensions: 343 x 327 x 152 mm / 13.5 x 12.9 x 6.0 inches. Weight 8kg / 17.6 lb. It is battery operated, comes with a 90VAC to 240VAC power supply but can also be charged with the 12V car outlet.

The PIM 20 Test System comes with a set of accessories: Power supply 90VAC to 240 VAC, test cable N-N 4m (13 ft), Adapter 7/16 to N, 12 V car adapter, accessories pouch and of course a user manual and a quick start guide. Further accessories available are low PIM loads, low PIM cables, low PIM adapters and a PIM source.

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