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9241 Single-input channel
9242 Dual-input channels. Allow display of channels 1 and 2 and ratio of channels expressed in dB
-01 Rear panel inputs
-02 Warranty extension to 3 years
95403001A Rack mounting kit
95109001A   Sensor data adaptor



952063 Standard probe, 10 kHz - 1.2 GHz
952064 Low-frequency probe, 10 kHz - 100 MHz

Quick Specifications

Voltage Range 200 μV to 10 V in eight ranges
(300 V to 700 MHz with a 100:1 divider)
 Indications to 50 μV
Voltage Display 1 mV to 300 V fs
Frequency Range 10 kHz to 1.2 GHz with 952001A probes
10 Hz to 100 MHz with Model 952016 probe
Waveform Response RMS to 30 mV calibrated in the RMS of a sine wave above 30 mV (RMS to 3V and 700 MHz with 100:1 divider)
Input Capacitance       Less than 1.5 pF
Recorder Output 10 V fs proportional to indicated voltage in mV mode over a range 7V = 0dBm regardless of Z. in dB mode,
sensitivity of 1V per 10dB change over entire range


Accessories Required

One or more of the available probe kits with sensor data adapter is required (one per probe included) to be ordered along with 9240 series.

Accessories Available
41-2A/10 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (10 ft)
A special low-noise cable that connects the power sensor to the power meter.
41-2A/20 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (20 ft)
41-2A/50 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (50 ft)
41-2A/100 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (100 ft)
95004701A F/F Adapter, 41-2A
95004901A Bulkhead Connector F/F
95403001A Rack Mounting Kit 4241 Single Channel
95005901A Rack Slide Kit 4242 Dual Channel
95109001A Sensor Data Adapter
95006001A    Transit case (Holds the 4240 series & up to 4 sensors)


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