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Real-Time Power Processing

Real Time Power Sensors perform many steps in parallel, and at the full acquisition rate.  As a result, it is not necessary to halt acquisition following a trigger event to wait for the processing stages to catch up.

The steps of this process are performed sequentially, and each step adds to the total delay time, or latency. Only when all steps complete can a new measurement cycle take place. As a result, conventional power meters and USB power sensors can suffer from lengthy gaps between triggered sweeps – often tens or hundreds of milliseconds.

  • Real-time signal acquisition is continuous: NO GAPS in acquired data
  • 100 MSa/sec SUSTAINED sample rate – world's fastest!
  • 10 GSa/sec effective sample rate for repetitive signals gives superior resolution
  • Re-arm time is microseconds, versus many milliseconds or more
  • Capture and analyze data 100x faster than conventional power sensors
  • Real-time "video" display update rate versus a series of "snapshots"


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