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Amplifier Test Bench (Unsupported Freeware)

Quick Features

  • Gain over frequency
  • Power over frequency
  • Telecommunication amplifiers
  • Pulsed RF amplifiers
  • RF Filter characterization
  • Applications:
  • Radar, MRI amplifier
  • Amplifier for noise-like signals (LTE, OFDM, UMTS)
  • T&M applications.


Boonton's Amplifier Test BenchTM software is designed for efficient and accurate test, verification and analysis of filters and RF amplifiers, including linear, telecommunication and high power amplifiers. The software is equally suited for pulsed, continuous or random (noise-like signals).

Amplifier Test BenchTM measures input and output power simultaneously, very fast and with highest precision. It analyses ratios like gain over frequency or gain over input power and generates plots of the results. VSWR measurements with directional bridge are also supported by this software.

Significant accuracy improvement due to precision peak power measurements allows not only optimizing amplifier's response but also its efficiency; a paramount factor for minimizing costs (utilizing lower grade amplifiers), increasing active time of battery operated devices and reducing excess heat for high power amplifiers.
Conventional pulse power measurements with RF detectors or simple average power sensors, assume rectangular signals, true signals look however very different. Only high dynamic and fast peak power measurement equipment allows analyzing the actual signal and provides most reliable results.
Amplifier Test Bench - requires no programming skills to set it up. It supports developers to design the best products and it also allows production to guaranty and document amplifier quality.

Product Information

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