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RTP Series Measurement Buffer Mode Application

Quick Features

  • Capture and analysis of long pulse trains
    • Peak, average, and minimum power measurements
    • Pulse duration and count
  • Real-Time Power Processing™
  • One or multiple sensor control
  • Various gating and trigger capabilities
  • Multiple data plotting options
  • Data extraction to MS Excel®

The RTP Measurement Buffer Mode Application enables users to make power measurements with the RTP4000 or RTP5000 series of Real-Time Power Sensors over long periods of time with essentially no gaps in acquisition or analysis.  This is accomplished utilizing Boonton's Real-Time Power Processing™ (RTPP) technology.  The application controls one or multiple sensors to capture and analyze the input signal during intervals of interest defined by the user and discards information during non-relevant intervals in virtually real-time. By discarding non-relevant information, the application will return only a single data record for each pulse, burst or event.  The data transfer is orders of magnitude less than alternatives which require users to download and post-process large amounts of waveform trace data causing gaps in acquisition and analysis.
The functionality described above is a subset of the functionality already available through remote control of the RTP4000 and RTP5000 series of sensors.  This application is meant to provide an example of how to make power measurement over long periods of time in a convenient, complimentary utility.  As an example, it has limited support.

Product Information

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