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Principles of Power Measurement Webinar On-Demand


Accurate RF and microwave power measurements remain one of the most critical metrics for designers and technicians to reach the critical performance metrics of modern, high-performance communications and radar systems, especially considering today’s complex modulation schemes, pulsed communication modes, and the prevalence of wireless devices. Proof-of-design, satisfying regulatory specifications, adhering to safety limits, system efficiency, and component protection are just a few situations that hinge upon power measurement accuracy. Now is the time to strengthen your knowledge in the fundamentals by attending the “Principles of RF and Microwave Power Measurement” webinar from Boonton.

Viewers will learn:
  • The basics of RF power detection
  • Essential RF power measurements and related metrics, including average power, peak power, video bandwidth (VBW), and rise time
  • Using Boonton Real-Time Power Processing (RTPP) and the Boonton RTP Measurement Buffer Mode Application to unlock extended measurement windows
  • Additional features and functionality that are key to capturing RF and microwave power measurements, such as automatic pulse measurements and pulse time gating
  • The importance of crest factor and statistical measurements (CCDF) to determine linear performance of components


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