Boonton - Boonton 4540 Advance Sampling Techniques

Boonton 4540 Advance Sampling Techniques

Boonton 4540 power meter utilizes fast sampling technique on measured signal. But it also offers an additional very powerful feature: sampling performed at random intervals. This sampling technique operates independent of instrument's time base which is a huge advantage for repeating signals measurement. This video presentation is about the advanced sampling techniques of the Boonton 4540 RF Power Meter. Pulsed RF applications like radar and MRI are always challenging as they transmit relatively high power signals but receive weak signals. For pulsed RF signals, critical analysis includes parameters like peak power, average power, rise time, fall time, overshoot, and undershoot. To achieve this, power sensors must be fast, provide a wide BW and must offer a high dynamic range. Power meters with high sampling rate capture signal points in very small increments which help to rebuild the signal waveform for analysis. The most widely used applications are radar, wireless communications, RF peak power measurement and also amplifier testing.