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Over the Air Testing 5G and mmWave

Broadcasted 7/24/2018

This demonstration highlights using a Boonton USB RTP5006 sensor and a Noisecom noise source for over the air calibration and power measurement of a device in an RF chamber.

Wideband Peak Power Sensors (featuring the RTP5000)

Broadcasted 2/16/2017

This video highlights the advantages, ease of use and acquisition speed of the Boonton RTP5000 Real-Time Power Sensor for measuring Crest Factor (Peak/Average) of an OFDM modulated signal. If you are using an RF limiter you can clip the Peak Power causing Bit error rate in your signal. Real-Time Power Processing shortens the time needed for testing.

RF Signal Propagation Delay Measurement

Broadcasted 1/18/2016

The video shows how to use Boonton Broadband Peak power sensors to determine the RF signal propagation delay created by individual components or an integrated system.

Real Time Power Processing™

Broadcasted 9/3/2015

We will highlight the power of Real Time Power Processing™ and show what other Average and Peak sensors miss that claim to be fast!


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