Boonton - Boonton's 4540 Peak Power Meter Competitor Comparison

Boonton's 4540 Peak Power Meter Competitor Comparison


This short video clip demonstrates a brief but powerful performance comparison between Boonton’s 4540 Peak Power Meter and a popular competitor’s product.  For this demonstration we used identical RF pulse signals with identical measurement settings. The 4540 shows its outstanding performance with fast sampling displays, superior waveform fidelity and trigger stability, while the competitor’s power meter fails to display the most critical information such as pulse signal overshoot.  The inadequate triggering and time resolution of the competitors unit  incorrectly displays a jittery pulse edge and changing pulse slope shape.  Boonton's 4540 operates independent of the instrument’s time base and displays the true shape and characteristics of the waveform that the competition cannot.  Equipped with Boonton’s fast rise time, wide video bandwidth and high dynamic range power sensors 4540  is capable of reconstructing an accurate representation of a pulsed RF signal in far greater detail than the competitor’s unit.  The most common applications of our peak power meters are radar, MRI, wireless communications, RF peak power measurement, RF amplifier testing and automotive RF immunity testing.