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Optimizing Peak-to-Average Power Ratio for Wireless Systems - Webinar

Broadcasted on 5/12/2020

MicroWave Journal May 6th

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The signals used in today’s most advanced communication technologies can employ various modulation and multiplexing techniques to optimize different parameters, such as spectral efficiency, susceptibility to interference, and data rate. Correspondingly, these signals can have widely varying peak-to-average power ratios (PAPRs). Careful consideration must be taken with regard to PAPR. If it is too high, it can lead to spectral spreading or regrowth. However, lowering power can lead to less efficient operation of critical components like power amplifiers. This webinar will explain how to use advanced arbitrary waveform generators to create signals with varying PAPRs and how to simply and cost-effectively measure PAPR utilizing RF peak power sensors throughout an RF transmission chain to make trade-offs for optimal system performance.

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