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RTP5000 with laptop RTP5000
Real-Time USB Peak Power Sensors

Providing the highest video bandwidth and fastest rise times, RTP5000 Real-Time USB Peak Power Sensors with Boonton’s Real-Time Power ProcessingTM deliver 100,000 measurements per second, virtually no gaps in signal acquisition and zero measurement latency.

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Whether for safety-critical civilian or military applications, capturing and analyzing the power of radar systems ensures consistent and flawless performance. Power measurements are essential throughout the radar lifecycle, utilized by:

  • Engineers during development
  • Operators during manufacturing
  • Technicians during installation and maintenance
  • Engineers and technicians during troubleshooting


Wi-Fi chipsets and devices require test instruments that can faithfully characterize their true behavior and performance. Measuring the power of Wi-Fi signals is essential in various use-cases, such as:

  • Chipset development
  • Access point development
  • Wi-Fi equipped device development
  • Compliance testing

Wi-Fi 6 Test

Amplifiers are common components within RF and microwave systems and devices used across various industries and applications. High-performance power sensors can capture several measurements critical to amplifier performance, including:

  • Gain
  • Return loss
  • Linearity and compression
  • Crest factor and CCDF for complex modulated signals

Amplifier Test


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