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4240 Firmware

Installation Notes

Version 20170104 - Released 10/04/2017

The latest firmware for the Boonton 4240 is now available.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file into a temporary or working directory. The archive contains a README.TXT file, and a self-extracting executable utility with a name such as Firmware_Downloader_4240_v20170104.exe that loads the new operating firmware.
  2. To begin installation, launch the .exe program. This program will load, configure and and launch the firmware installer, and will guide you through firmware update procedure (Installer4240.exe) Refer to the program help file if needed.
  3. You will be prompted to connect the instrument to the PC via LAN, USB or GPIB, and may need to perform some manual configuration steps to permit communication. Once communication has been established with the Model 4240, the firmware update can be started.
  4. When the instrument has update has been completed, the 4240 should restart. If it does not, turn power off and back on. Verify the new software version on the spash screen at boot.

SPECIAL NOTE: Firmware updates performed via GPIB or USB may appear to fail due to a reboot failure at the end of install. This can be identified by the "Application Update in Progress" progress bar on the instrument freezing for more than 15 seconds, then a failure/timeout message from the installer about a minute later.

If this happens, it is very likely that the update completed successfully even though an error is reported. Restart instrument manually and verify the new version number on the bootup splash screen. If the instrument shows the version that was just installed, then the update was successful and no further action should be required.

Note that these issues do not affect firmware updates via LAN.

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