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4500B Software

Installation Notes

Version 2015.08.07 - Released 8/7/2015

The latest software for the Boonton 4500B is available below. 

  1.   Extract the files in the archive to the root of a USB Flash Memory Device.
  2.   Turn on instrument.
  3.   Connect USB drive to front USB connector on instrument.
  4.   Allow Windows time to install drivers if this is the first time this USB drive is connected.
  5.   Press Spcl > Servicing > Update Ver > EXECUTE.
  6.   Software update will start automatically - a progress dialog should be displayed.
  7.  4500B application will start and measurements will begin after updating is completed.


  1. If the USB flash memory drive being used for the update has been used with this instrument before, steps 2, 4 and 5 may be omitted.
  2. If updating from a software version prior to 20051019, please contact Boonton service for additional files and instructions.  The current version is displayed on the blue splash screen when the 4500B application program starts.
  3. In case of difficulty:
    1. Repeat entire procedure.
    2. Delete file "4500Byyyymmdd.TXT" (where yyymmdd is the new software version's date code) from root of USB drive if present.  When an update completes successfully, the instrument writes this file to the root of flash drive.  Once this file is present, the instrument will not re-install that version.  If you wish to re-install or go back to an earlier version, this .TXT file must be deleted.
    3. Verify that the instrument can access the update (.BTN) file on the USB drive.  Exit to the Windows desktop by pressing Spcl > Exit > To Windows.  Using a USB mouse, or instrument keyboard navigation (see below), double-click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop.  When the USB flash drive is connected, a D: removable storage drive should appear.  Double-clicking on this drive should open the drive's root, and display the .BTN update file.
    4. If drive installs as E: or any other drive letter besides D:, it will be necessary to reassign the drive letter to D: with Windows Disk Management.  This is possible if there are other drives connected that are using the D: mapping.
  4. To use the instrument keyboard as a mouse:
    1. Knob moves mouse pointer vertically or horizontally.
    2. Shift key toggles knob action between vertical and horizontal.
    3. '<' and '>' keys function as left and right mouse buttons, respectively.
    4. Esc is Esc, Ent is Enter, Prev is back-tab, top black softkey is tab.
    5. Pressing Init will restart the 4500B application program.
    6. These functions are available whenever the application program is exited normally.  In this case, it launches the "VirtualKey" application, which will appear as a "VK" box in the system tray on the lower right of the desktop.



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