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Boonton Enters Signal Generation Market with New SGX1000 RF Signal Generators Delivering a Unique Combination of High Performance and Ease of Use

June 22, 2021

First product introduction combining the technology of Boonton and Holzworth to deliver innovative products to our customers

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA – June 22, 2021 Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. (NYSE American: WTT) announced that its Boonton brand has entered the signal generation market with the introduction of the SGX1000 RF Signal Generator, a new series of instruments that combine high performance signal generation capabilities with an intuitive user interface. The unique, proprietary blend of direct digital and direct analog synthesis enable ultra-fine frequency resolution, lightning-fast frequency switching, ultra-low phase noise and jitter, and superior reliability. The SGX1000 is built on the latest Boonton instrument platform that offers an easy-to-use modern interface in a compact form factor.  The SGX1000 series brings high-performance signal generation at an affordable price for broad use in the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical, and communications industries.

"The introduction of the SGX1000 series is the latest example of Boonton’s focus on customer-driven continuous innovation. It offers users the ability to generate a variety of RF signals with superior performance and touchscreen simplicity. The powerful instrument provides the perfect complement to Boonton’s industry-leading RF power measurement equipment," said Walt Strickler, General Manager of Boonton.

The SGX1000 series covers a frequency range from 10 MHz to 18 GHz and provides superior performance in a number of areas including 6 µs frequency switching, phase noise of -123 dBc/Hz at 3 GHz with a 10 kHz offset, and 55 fs jitter. The instrument’s intuitive user interface with multi-touch display enables easy access to controls to perform frequency and power sweeps as well as configure amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse modulation settings to address a wide variety of test requirements.

“Last year we acquired Holzworth Instrumentation, a leader in signal generation and phase noise measurement with a vision for synergistic growth. Holzworth has had record sales in its first year as part of Wireless Telecom Group, due in part to leveraging our channels and customer base. Now, we are realizing the complementary technical expertise it adds to our Test and Measurement division and the opportunity for new product synergy with the other brands. The SGX1000 series is the first example combining the technology of Boonton and Holzworth to deliver innovative products to our customers,” said Tim Whelan, CEO of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc.

With the SGX1000 series, Boonton continues to build on its position as a leader in high performance RF and microwave test equipment for radar, avionics, electronic warfare, satellite communications, wireless connectivity, and EMI/EMC applications. Used across the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical, and communications industries for more than 70 years, Boonton products enable a wide range of RF signal generation, power measurement, and signal analysis for RF product design, production, maintenance, and system integration. The Boonton product portfolio is designed and assembled in the USA and includes RF signal generators, peak and average RF power meters, Real-Time USB power sensors, USB/LAN power sensors, RF voltmeters, modulation analyzers, and audio analyzers.

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