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Boonton Expands Its Industry-Leading Portfolio of Real-Time USB RF Power Sensors

October 21, 2021

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA – October 21, 2021 – Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. (NYSE American: WTT), announced that its Boonton brand has introduced new sensors in its RTP4000 Real-Time True Average Power Sensor series. The RTP4018 and RTP4118 diode-based sensors incorporate Boonton’s unique Real-Time Power ProcessingÔ (RTPP) and enable users to make true average RF power measurements over an industry-best 4 kHz to 18 GHz  frequency range at the industry-fastest rate of 100,000 readings per second. These sensors are a perfect complement to the RTP5000 Real-Time Peak Power Sensor series. The RTP4000 series sensors can be used in conjunction with the Boonton PMX40 RF Power Meter to provide a uniquely flexible benchtop experience while capitalizing on the performance and versatility of the USB sensors.  Engineers and technicians can utilize the RTP4018 and RTP4118 in a wide variety of applications across the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical, and communications industries.

"The introduction of the RTP4018 and RTP4118 sensors is the latest example of Boonton’s leadership in RF power measurement. Capitalizing on the speed of these sensors, our customers have been able to significantly reduce test times. One leading Wi-Fi 6E chipset manufacturer was able to reduce their design verification test cycle from days to hours.  In another example, compliance labs are taking advantage of the frequency span to broaden the range of EMC measurements they can offer," says Walt Strickler, General Manager of Boonton.

The RTP4018 and RTP4118 sensors cover frequencies from 4 kHz to 18 GHz over an 80 dB measurement range. Because they measure true average power, they can be used to measure a wide variety of CW and modulated RF signals, virtually regardless of modulation bandwidths. The sensor architecture and incorporation of RTPP enable measurement speeds of 100,000 readings per second.  RTPP is Boonton’s unique technology that performs power measurement steps in parallel rather than the sequential approach used in other sensors.  The RTP4018 and RTP4118 sensors can be controlled directly or through the complimentary Boonton Power Analyzer software that provides advanced measurement and analysis capability.  For multiple channel applications, such as MIMO Wi-Fi communications, the sensors be synchronized and share the same timebase.

For more than 70 years, Boonton products have enabled a wide range of RF signal generation, power measurement, and signal analysis for RF product design, production, maintenance, and system integration. The Boonton product portfolio is designed and assembled in the USA and includes RF signal generators, peak and average RF power meters, Real-Time USB power sensors, USB/LAN power sensors, RF voltmeters, modulation analyzers, and audio analyzers.

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