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4241     Single Channel
4242    Dual Channel     
-01   Rear sensor inputs
-02   Calibrator, rear panel output
-30   Warranty extended to 3 years


Accessories Required
One or more of the available power sensors is required to be ordered along with 4240 series, 5 ft power sensor cable Model 41-2A and one sensor data adapter (one per sensor included)

Accessories Available
41-2A/10 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (10 ft).
A special low-noise cable that connects the power sensor to the power meter.
41-2A/20 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (20 ft)
41-2A/50 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (50 ft)
41-2A/100 Sensor/Probe Interconnecting Cable (100 ft)
95004701A   F/F Adapter, 41-2A
95004901A Bulkhead Connector F/F
95403001A Rack Mounting Kit 4241 Single Channel
95005901A Rack Slide Kit 4242 Dual Channel
95109001A Sensor Data Adapter
95006001A Transit case
Holds the 4240 series & up to 4 sensors


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