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Boonton Designcon 55 Series Demonstration


To show measurement fidelity and speed of the Boonton 55 series wideband USB sensor powered by Real Time Power Processing™. Never miss a waveform!

New Real-Time USB Peak Power Sensor

Capture every pulse to assure signal

Boonton 55 Series Demonstration

Product: To show measurement fidelity and speed of the Boonton 55 series wideband USB sensor powered by Real Time Power Processing™. Never miss a waveform!

Target Users:

Signal integrity engineers and anyone measuring, characterizing and working with fast edge pulsed RF signals with particular interest in observing and measuring intermittent behavior of a pulse, as well as characterizing the pulse edges using a high resolution time scale power meter. Anyone designing/testing narrowband, wideband and high dynamic range amplifiers for 4G/LTE systems, WiFi and WiFi-ac wireless systems handling various modulation schemes including QPSK and QAM.

About 55 Series Wideband USB sensor:

The two key benefits of the Boonton 55 Series wideband USB peak power sensor are processing speed, trigger stability & accuracy.  The revolutionary Real Time Power Processing™ technology features 125 times better time resolution (100 picoseconds) than the competition as well as the widest video bandwidth, rise-time and fastest sampling rates.

Significant Features:

- Ultrafast rise time: 4 ns* - Statistical Measurements: 100 Mpoints/sec
- Time resolution: 100 ps - Trace acquisition speed: 40K sweeps/sec
- Effective Sample Rate: 10 Gsamples/sec - Real Time Measurements: no latency due to 
- Class leading Video Bandwidth: 80 MHz*  buffer processing by host PC
* for 55006 model only

Measuring fast edges and intermittent events and dynamic waveforms:

Our demo box is comprised of a fast RF switch with its switch control line pulsed at 1kHz for 10 µs with an intermittent dropout glitch occurring at 20Hz (once every 50 pulses).  The input signal to the switch is a 2 GHz CW tone.  

Fig.1: Rising edge of a pulse Fig.2: Observing pulse with a glitch Fig.3: Two CCDF distributions to compare 
(Blue = Input and Yellow = output)

Fig.1 Shows the rising edge of the pulse highlighting fast rise-time (3 ns), edge fidelity and trigger stability of the 55 Series of 5 ns/div. 

Fig.2 Shows superior performance of Boonton's Real Time Power Processing™ (RTPP) technology for reliably capturing dynamic waveforms.  The conventional sensors miss many of the pulses with the dropout (glitch) due to their lengthy processing time when acquisition is halted.  The Boonton 55 Series with Real Time Power Processing™ acquires the signal continuously with no gaps, and re-arms immediately.              

Fig.3 Displays CCDF distributions showing curves of the input and output signals of an amplifier overlapping each other which also displays compression characteristics of the amplifier for spread spectrum signal. Increasing the input power to the amplifier starts to compress the rare peaks (0.0001%) initially but as the input power is increased compression will occur also at 0.001% and 0.01%, and so on.  The CCDF provides an intuitive graphical display in characterizing the amplifier.

Existing and Comparable Products:

  • Replace systems that require crystal detector, a digital oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, an average power meter, and assorted connectors & couplings to monitor a single output.
  • A 2-channel 4542 Peak Power meter complements the simultaneous measurements of: Forward & Reflected power (Return Loss), and Amplifier Input & Output (Gain)
  • Complements Boonton's existing peak power meter family products.
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