Boonton - The New 55 series Boonton USB Peak Power Sensor: Never miss a pulse

The New 55 series Boonton USB Peak Power Sensor: Never miss a pulse

Broadcasted on 10/1/2013

Presented by:
Matthew B. Diessner, Regional Sales Manager
Murat Eron, Vice President of Engineering

Boonton's USB Peak Power Sensor offers the capabilities of bench top peak power meters on your laptop or tablet.  In addition to incorporating the trigger stability and waveform fidelity features of its bench top peak power meters, the 55 series features Real Time Power Processing™ available only from Boonton.  With concurrent signal acquisition and sweep processing Real Time Power Processing™  captures 40,000 triggered measurements per second, never missing a pulse and catching all the intermittent events on your pulse signal. Conventional meters make only 1000 measurements per second, missing critical events. With the fastest rise time,  highest video bandwidth and 0.1 ns time resolution Boonton delivers the best USB peak power sensor.  

The webinar illustrates:

Boonton's Strengths–Trigger Stability & Waveform Fidelity
Introducing Real Time Power Processing™
Real Time Power Processing™ value proposition – never miss a pulse
Boonton USB 55006 vs. conventional USB demonstrated
Key Advantages of 55 series

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