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Wi-Fi Application NoteWi-Fi Chipset / Device Characterization and Compliance Test

The ONLY solution that can capture every packet/burst (zero gaps) on every MIMO transmit chain for extended test durations at high frame rates, while maintaining time synchronization.

The essential capabilities for the RF power measurement instrumentation used for testing include:

  • High accuracy, low uncertainty
  • Synchronized multi-channel measurements
  • Extended measurement duration time
  • High-throughput, gap-free measurements (RTPP™)
  • Ultrawide video bandwidth
  • Advanced measurement control and analysis

Boonton RTP5000 Series Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensors offer a fast, simple, cost-effective alternative for measuring signals with high peak-to-average ratios or crest factors, such as those used 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi systems. For multi-channel applications, sensors can be synchronized taking advantage of measurements with 100 ps time resolution.

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